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InterEDwise is a name with a clear vision and major focus on Youth and Education because our future depends on an educated work force. We offer services for students to choose learning programmes by providing an extensive range of schools, colleges and universities in UK/USA/CANADA/Australia/Singapore/New Zealand and Europe.

 - Guarantee for Excellent Service!!!

Mr. Kamendra Dahat (CEO), a Visionary, established Interedwise in the year 2005 to realize the dreams of those students who aspire to graduate from schools abroad.  Today, Interedwise has become one of the leading players in the fast growing Overseas Education Industry.

Interedwise has partnered with more than 100 international universities and colleges for their recruitment needs and their officials often visit our premises to market and Conduct Seminars. As an extended service to the universities and Colleges, we also conduct seminars, advertisement, and soon webinars, to spread awareness about these fine educational destinations.

We endorse the academic excellence, the global perspective and the prestige associated with an international degree, and thus, we strive to avoid any lack of information or inadequate knowledge, important for obtaining an admission. Our 12 years long experience and expertise to counsel and educate students about the various opportunities abroad goes a long way in helping them overcome hurdles with ease and attain admissions in renowned world class institutions. 
Considering the fact that the demand for studying abroad increased tremendously in the past few years, the International Student Recruitment has become the most lucrative business in today’s market scenario. Interedwise looks forward to working with partners, who can help students achieve their dreams.

The amount of satisfaction derived on the admission of a student into a top university, is incomparable.

Brief Overview – INTEREDWISE EDUCATION Pvt. Ltd.

  • Over 12 years of varied experience
  • Partnerships with more than 300+ universities and colleges form US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany and New Zealand
  • Experienced and exceptionally qualified staff and counselors.
  • Tie-ups with leading foreign exchange companies for FOREX related issues.
  • Tie-ups with financial institute to fulfill student’s financial needs.
  • Regular Face-to-face meetings with university and college officials either in India or abroad.
  • Online provision of tremendous information in overseas education available through www.ieplcareer.com
  •  Regular seminars & advertisements, to spread awareness regarding Universities and Colleges.
  • We guide students, right from selection of universities through their reporting at the university.


Services provided to Student
Our expertise enhances student through every step of their admission process from

  • The selection of universities/ colleges based on the student’s profile.
  • Guidance to students for Admissions and Visa procedures.
  • Cost effective and discrete assistance to students for university applications and visa issues.
  • Mock Interviews.
  • Education Loans.
  • Travel & FOREX..
  • Pre Departure Briefings.
  • Free online help for Student queries.
  • Post Landing Services.
  • Airport pickup.
  • Guidance for N.I.Bank Account opening , job agency registration etc.
  • Arrangement of Accommodation as per student’s requirement.


We are here to guide & serve you.

Mr. Kamendra Dahat  CEO/Director
Ms. Saroj Upreti  Manager
Mrs. Madhuri Dhargawe    Centre Head
Mrs.Rupali Thakur  Centre Head
Mr. Nagesh Jondhale Centre Head
Ms. Dharmistha Makadia Centre Head
Mr. Dilip Ballal Centre Head
Ms. Shobha Hiranandani Co-ordinator
Mr. Kundan Patil Office Assistant
Ms. Smita Patil Receptionist
Mr. Abhijeet Pawar Office Boy