Countries » Application Procedure


Academic year and commencements


two semesters*

early March to late November

Postgraduate (coursework)

beginning of the year

Doctoral Degree
Postgraduate (research)

may negotiate an alternative starting date with the study supervisor

Foundation studies

several intakes during the year

certain courses

mid-year enrolment (around July)

Vocational education and training

TAFE Institutes

February to December

half-day to full-time courses

most courses beginning of the year
some courses have a mid-year intake

English language training, business and other private institutions

January to December
short break during Christmas-New Year


throughout the year


four terms

late January/early February to December

Monday to Friday

generally 9 am to 3.30 pm

English language training

full-time course, 4–48 weeks

throughout the year